Who the Heck is this Guy? 

An entrepreneurial, goofball, reformed redneck that can’t stand the status-quo, doesn’t like the 9-5 philosophy and somehow made it through my 20’s like this -- learning a good bit along the way!  The thing that makes me tick is helping others, which could be helping start-ups, helping college students or helping the little old lady cross the street -- #PeopleHelpinPeople!


Why Should You Care?

I'm an accomplished marketing professional with a broad range of experience, specializing in proven, yet innovative methods to grow brands and drive revenue. Currently serving as a ‘Fractional CMO’ for organizations seeking to ‘shake it up’ and grow without the $200K+ price tag.

Fluent in the languages of the digital landscape, brand strategy development, creating marketing plans to launch a brand, re-establish an existing brand and ultimately drive results. In addition to marketing, well versed in sales fundamentals and building strategies to compliment integrated marketing efforts. A go-getter with excellent communication skills, strong in presenting, problem solving and building strong client relationships. Experienced manager, mentor, leader and trainer.


"Just as it takes more than a cowboy hat to make a cowboy, it takes more than a logo or a name to make a brand"