'Things ain't the way they use to be' is an understatement with regard to how businesses are run, yet organizations continue to ignore it...  Not sure how to slow technology, but I'm pretty confident about what this means for marketing and brand-building. 


I've seen a lot of CRAP when it comes to internal marketing teams, consultants, high-priced agencies and cheap overseas resources.  Thanks to those frustrations, after years of working with different marketing partners, and armed with my opinion on marketing's future (fractional, seasonal, results-driven), Double L Brands has built-out your marketing dream team – providing a full-service team for a fraction of the price.   


What the heck does that mean?  Here's an example...  

X startup just received Series A funding, or a restaurant just opened it's 7th concept, now it's time to invest in a marketing team.  Option 1 is the traditional 'Hire Internally' model, Option 2 is what I would recommend: 

  1. Hire Internally:  A growing business hires a marketing director + a creative director/copywriter (both relatively inexperienced, and wearing numerous hats), works them to death and they learn together. ---> This can be done for $100-$130K (~$125-$162K after benefits and payroll). 

  2. Double L Brands:  A growing business hires Double L Brands as their experienced, proven marketing team (3-5 people), with existing resources, that doesn't need to be on payroll. ---> This can be accomplished for $72-96K.

Our expert teams can handle any marketing need that comes up in this modern world, because we've already been through it! This includes executive-level analysis, brand strategy, creative development, digital strategy, web development, social media marketing, content marketing, app development, video marketing and anything else a brand needs.


***More detailed offerings to come, shoot me an email (Landon@DoubleLBrands.com) in the interim with any questions or for some direction.